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We’ve always believed that the people who do your communications should know as much about their client’s business as possible.


The trouble is, when it comes to Agriculture, London admen generally don’t know their Chelsea tractors from their elbows, and what’s more, they want to charge you the earth for the privilege.


TrumpetAgri however is unique in that its director was in dairy farming before he fell into the Advertising industry by chance 15 years ago. So with farming in our blood, it made sense to diversify into an area we love to be in and know well.


Our London HQ is now supported by our Wiltshire office, so we can also offer what we call ‘rural rates’ for our agricultural and allied industry clients. This way we can offer marketing communications for smaller businesses, or a full service offering for national advertisers. Either way, you’ll always know that you’re dealing with people who know their onions. And their potatoes and their bread...


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